Thursday, October 29, 2009


In the spirit of the holiday I thought I would post some of the awesome costumes my Mom made over the years.

Im Batman in this one. I was much scarier than the Christian Bale version. I struck fear in the hearts of all criminals.
Im Spiderman and my bro is the hobo clown. We are showing off the disguises we won at a halloween party. That isn't padding in my costume, I was a ripped 8 year old.
We went for the horror genre that year. And yes, that is real blood on my face. I bit my sister just before the picture.

And of course this awesome Michelangelo costume. It was ten times better than the Kmart plastic mask version. I am trying to slim down so I can wear this again. Those nunchucks were no joke, my dad made them out of pvc pipe connected by a metal chain. I put eight kids in the hospital that night...three of them are still in critical condition.
My Mom went to town that year. She transformed my brother into Frankenstein, my older sister into the card from Alice In Wonderland, and my little sister into a vicious bat.

I remember every year my brother and I used to take down the box of all the halloween costumes my Mom made, and we would mix and match the costumes. We would have Frankenstein pants, Marvin Martian shoes, and a Batman mask and run out to the street to scare the passing cars. It was great fun!

Thanks Mom for all the awesome costumes.

Happy Halloween everyone!


brigette b said...

Your mom MADE all those?? That's like the coolest thing ever.

Erik Benson said...

Yep! She is one talented lady!

Bralyollyoxenfree said...

let's make all of our childrens' costumes too!!!

Daron said...

Matt- you and Erik have secret children?!
Erik- Your mom is totally bad ass!

Justin Ridge said...

Nice!!!! Wish my costumes were that cool.....

maikaljj said...

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