Monday, October 05, 2009

These BITE!

It started at work. My ankle was itching like crazy.


I woke up the next morning and to my surprise I had mosquito bites all over. My ankle in particular was itchy, red, and a wee bit swollen. 

I remembered when I stayed down in southern California over the weekend, the window was open and it was so warm I didn't need a blanket. Mosquitoes must have come in and feasted on an old mountain biking wound from the week before. I would think fresh soars are like a Vegas buffet to mosquitoes.
Saturday it had doubled in size. Most my wounds I like to look at closely and in different lighting. I like to poke at them to gauge the amount of pain I am in or might be in later on.


It got pretty bad.

Okay maybe not that bad. But still pretty bad.

But with all my wounds, I figure its best to just...
walk it off.
The next morning I was greeted with a much less swollen leg.

This may not work for everyone, but it works for me, and one day I will pass this technique on to my children. 



Felipe Domingos said...

Hahaha, it works for me too.
"Just...walk it off"

Hilarious work man.

Brandon said...

You're a riot. I've been laughing hysterically at your blog. It's no wonder you're a story artist. Thanks for sharing.

Chris Palmer said...

I can't wait until "Walk It Off 1 1/2" comes out and we get to see what your future son did to make that tree fall on his head.

I'm betting it has something to do with mosquitoes making a shady deal with termites. Or a haggard witch cursing your offspring side-story.

Either way you look at it, it's a monetarily viable production.

JOe said...

Mosquitoes suck, if i hear one at night i have to hunt it down and kill it, otherwise i can't sleep.

Anonymous said...

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The Teenage Version Of Bridget Jones said...

Really enjoyed this :) xox

Anonymous said...

You know what, try GSM jammer to disable all secret devices in your room or at work.