Monday, March 30, 2009

Guy in wolfs clothing

I saw this guy the other day whilst driving to work... 

This was my reaction...

Three years ago my reaction would have been this...

But after a couple of years of CalArts, a man who looks like Pete Wentz in a wolf costume on a unicycle seems like just another Monday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jonas Brothers + 1

The Jonas Brothers are successful, but I think they could be more.

You need the smart one, the cute one, the talented one, which the J Bros. have, but you also need the chubby unpopular one. Like this guy:

He is a very important point of reference. Justin Timberlake looks like just another dude when he stands next to Brad Pitt or  a young Leif Garrett, but if you stand Timberlake next to the chubby one from NSYNC...BAM! You got yourself a teen idol!

So I submit to you brothers, an applicant for the fourth member of The Jonas Brothers....ME!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bookin it!

On my way home from work I saw the fastest man alive. He was a businessman running with traffic. 
Not since Tom Cruise in The Firm have I seen a man in a suit run so fast.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've been flying a lot lately,going north to south and south to north. And like most things, if you do them a lot, you get really good at them. Well, I have really stepped up my flying game over this last year, it is now bordering on professional. I don't wear a belt through security, I wear shoes that can easily slip on and off, and I ask for the ocean spray cran-grape before the flight attendant even gives me the options. I fly with the greatest of ease.

Or, at least I used to. My friend let me borrow the first season of Lost and now....

I get it. Now I get why everyone likes that show and why people are terrified to fly. I realize now the plane could potentially fall out of the sky and crash land on an island of polar bears and angry fog. 

I find myself looking around the cabin wondering who would be the Jack, the Locke, the Charlie. I fancy myself as a Kate, the deadly outlaw with even deadlier good looks. Next time you are on a plane see if you can spot the Hurly, the Claire, the Turniphead.

To keep the plane theme rolling, my friend and office mate James, sent me this funny video of comedian Louis CK. The plane jokes are really funny.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jack Donaghy

I met a Baldwin on Sunday at urban outfitters. Alec, to be exact. Here is an artist interpretation of said meeting...
I wasn't going to approach him at first, but I did, for three reasons:

1. I love 30 rock, he is hilarious on it.
2. He looked bored.
3. I met Stephen Baldwin four months ago backstage at a concert....

In order to complete the Baldwin trifecta I will be frequenting restaurants I know Billy likes. 

I'm hoping after I meet all the Baldwin brothers, they will take me in as one of their own and teach me how to act for television, be handsome, and call my children rude little pigs without legal ramifications.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bear Thoughts

This bear is thinking about life's mysteries. How do all the bee's fit in such a small hive? How do I sleep through the entire winter without starving to death? If Nadya had six babies already, why did she have eight more?