Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wilderness Confessions

Lindsay and I went for a hike in Temescal Canyon. A beautiful day to be in nature.
We talked about wedding plans and mostly chit chatted, but everyone we passed on the trail was talking about very serious things. It was as if being in the wild brought out the wild thoughts in their minds. Here are the bits of conversation we heard as we made our way up drama hill.

Couple #1
"Look Todd, it undermines the psychological reasons for our RELATIONSHIP!"

Couple #2
"I'm not comparing you to her! I NEVER DO!"
Couple #3
"But if I slap her in the face, it will leave A MARK!"

I recommend going up there for hike, if Jersey Shore is on reruns.


Solomon said...

lol I like how the background never changes - almost like you two were just sitting their waiting for people to show up and entertain you.

Opto-Mom said...

Love your blog! I'm your newest follower. Come check out mine too!

tek! said...

haha hairy man #3 is a quite the gentleman!

Guillaume said...

HAHA!! I love those random tid-bits. Last month I was walking in Hayes Valley and heard this girl tell her boyfriend, as I was passing: "But I'm trying to tell you about my feelings!", too classic.

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It is interesting, I will go back to read them again.
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melody cisinski said...

I love these one :)

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Damn. I am now a believer of this blog. You get me lolling in every post.