Monday, March 08, 2010

The Oscars (continued)

Here are some oscars I gave to the people at the oscars:

Best Acceptance Speech- Crazy Redhead For Documentary Short.

I wasn't quite sure what you were saying. You came out of nowhere and I still don't know if you were supposed to be up there or if you just wanted to pull a Kanye. Either way, I loved your enthusiasm.

Best Unnatural Performance Of A Human Being Ever- Kathy Ireland

I loved how you talked to people on the red carpet like they were three years old. It was great how you never moved your arms and stared at people uncomfortably after the interview was over.

Best Bored Out Your Mind Spouse- Matthew Broderick

Great performance. 

Best Beard- Antonio Banderas
My money was on Brad Pitt but he was a no show.

And last but not least.

Best Use Of Bubble Wrap- Jlo


ZaR said...

Hahahaaa... that Whoopi commercial was "gold"

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