Monday, November 14, 2011

Candies Of Yore

Some friends and I were reminiscing about all the great halloween candy we got when we were young. Some one mentioned they didn't sell candy cigarettes to children anymore and I was shocked. 

When I was young, not only did we have candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars, we had sugar syrup filled heroine needles with bubble gum tourniquet.
Cotton candy flavored juice bong.
Sugar powder cocaine. (I can see why this was taken off the market. Most kids snorted the sugar when they were supposed to just eat it.)
 And tropical flavored meth amphetamine tabs with edible sores!

My generation grew up with all these and we turned out just fine! Only 12% of my friends  are hooked on drugs (the non-candy kind) now. You can't beat those odds!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Future Present

It was recently my one year wedding anniversary. I wanted to surprise my wife and hot glue another diamond to her engagement ring.

It looks like this-

 But it could look like THIS!
 And each year I would add another, and another.
So that in the future, all the ladies would be jealous of my lady's rock.

But after some serious thought, and lack of hot glue, I took her to dinner instead.

Side note: In the future there will be two finger loops on all coffee cups.