Thursday, October 29, 2009


In the spirit of the holiday I thought I would post some of the awesome costumes my Mom made over the years.

Im Batman in this one. I was much scarier than the Christian Bale version. I struck fear in the hearts of all criminals.
Im Spiderman and my bro is the hobo clown. We are showing off the disguises we won at a halloween party. That isn't padding in my costume, I was a ripped 8 year old.
We went for the horror genre that year. And yes, that is real blood on my face. I bit my sister just before the picture.

And of course this awesome Michelangelo costume. It was ten times better than the Kmart plastic mask version. I am trying to slim down so I can wear this again. Those nunchucks were no joke, my dad made them out of pvc pipe connected by a metal chain. I put eight kids in the hospital that night...three of them are still in critical condition.
My Mom went to town that year. She transformed my brother into Frankenstein, my older sister into the card from Alice In Wonderland, and my little sister into a vicious bat.

I remember every year my brother and I used to take down the box of all the halloween costumes my Mom made, and we would mix and match the costumes. We would have Frankenstein pants, Marvin Martian shoes, and a Batman mask and run out to the street to scare the passing cars. It was great fun!

Thanks Mom for all the awesome costumes.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Spider MAN!

Lindsay and I went to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles because we wanted to see the Dino Lab! When we purchased the tickets they said for three dollars more we could see the Spider Pavilion! Feeling the halloween spirit we both enthusiastically said yes. 

The Spider Pavilion is just outside the museum in a greenhouse type tent. We walked through a plastic curtain and inside we did not find a spider pavilion but a SPIDER KILL ZONE! 
Huge spiders on webs and in the bushes. My first thought was this is how they feed the spiders. They get two healthy unsuspecting people, trick them into thinking they are going to see cool spiders behind three inches of plexi glass, and then watch as the spiders feast on them. 

Even though our lives were clearly in danger, I wanted to get my three dollars worth, so we walked through the maze of arachnids, keeping our limbs very close to our bodies.

Every time we'd turn around there would be another eight legged beast setting up to jump on our face.

After a bit, Lindsay turned to me and asked:

"Can we go now?"

And I said:
"Are you not enjoying this?"

We got out of the Spider Pavilion with our lives intact, but even as I type this I still feel their poisonous legs tickling my skin...that may never go away.

The Dino Lab was super cool!

Monday, October 05, 2009

These BITE!

It started at work. My ankle was itching like crazy.


I woke up the next morning and to my surprise I had mosquito bites all over. My ankle in particular was itchy, red, and a wee bit swollen. 

I remembered when I stayed down in southern California over the weekend, the window was open and it was so warm I didn't need a blanket. Mosquitoes must have come in and feasted on an old mountain biking wound from the week before. I would think fresh soars are like a Vegas buffet to mosquitoes.
Saturday it had doubled in size. Most my wounds I like to look at closely and in different lighting. I like to poke at them to gauge the amount of pain I am in or might be in later on.


It got pretty bad.

Okay maybe not that bad. But still pretty bad.

But with all my wounds, I figure its best to just...
walk it off.
The next morning I was greeted with a much less swollen leg.

This may not work for everyone, but it works for me, and one day I will pass this technique on to my children.