Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Man Grab

This ever happened to you guys?

You go in for the hug with your buddy, but he's thinking hand shake...

so you switch to hand shake, but now your buddy is ready to hug. 
By the time you connect, you end up in this weird thing that nobody is invested in.
Solution: Man grab. You hold out one hand to shake and the other to hug,
then just get ready for the best man grab you'll ever have.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A coyote of my own

www.dailycoyote.net is a blog I like to look at. It is by Shreve Stockton who writes and takes pictures about her pet coyote, Charlie. I love this blog because I too would love a pet coyote. I hope to one day find a recently orphaned coyote baby and raise it up to be my loyal dog.

The closest I've gotten, was jogging near CalArts. I was running through some high brush, and the head of coyote popped up only ten feet away from me. I took a moment to try and tame the wild dog with my eyes. It was a good half minute of locked looking balls when I decided I needed to take our relationship to the next level. I knelt down slowly. She turned her head to take off, but my eyebrows went up in an expression that said "don't go". She got the message and turned back towards me. I took this as a good sign, so I held out a hand to invite a nice pet, but she had enough. The kiyoat jumped over the hill and out of my life forever. I ran those same hills over the next few weeks with corn chips in my pocket. I was hoping to see her again, and use the corn chips to lure her in close to me. I thought just as she came to snack, I would wrestle her to the ground and wait until she gave in to our friendship. Now I know for next time you befriend wild animals through force, not patience and respect.