Friday, April 15, 2011


In about a month we are having an art auction for Japan and here is the drawing I did for it.

(8"x10"Acrylic with ink.)

It is a blueprint of a robot I have already submitted to the NRC (National Robot Council). As you can see it has every technology you would ever need. If my calculations are correct, and they always are, this will be in every household by the first quarter of the next full moon. It is called the Bionic Operating Nano Electric Robot, or for short the BONE- uh never mind, we are still currently working on a name.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Twilight Romance

Last weekend my wife and I were leaving Trader Joes with our groceries. We were right behind a grandma and her grandson. She was in her twilight years and he looked like he played a hunky werewolf in the best twilight film(new moon). The sun was setting and we had white cheddar corn puffs to eat when we got home, it was looking like that sunday was going to be my favorite sunday ever.

And then the unthinkable...

The hunky werewolf grabbed the grandma who was not his grandma(I think) and kissed her with a passionate open mouthed kiss. 
Obviously I was stunned.
 Lindsay played it cool...
Lindsay-"Just keep walking, don't look."
Lindsay-"Just keep walking, don't look."

 Lindsay-"Just keep walking, don't look."

I was frozen.

After quite some time they stopped kissing and I regained the use of my legs. When I  made it to the car, I looked up and saw...
He was helping her put on her seatbelt and went in for more old face sucking.

I tried to start the car...
But I couldn't. It was like I was looking at the eye of Sauron.

I was finally able to figure it out. We sped off home, but the damage was done. I didn't even feel like eating the white cheddar corn puffs anymore, my sunday was ruined.

I know what you're thinking. Was it really such a passionate looking kiss? The answer is, YES! It was a VERY passionate kiss.

I know what else you're thinking. How did you get so good at drawing cars? Answer, I worked on Cars 2 for like a year, so yeah, that's how.