Monday, April 12, 2010

Desert Activity #27

When visiting the high desert there are many fun activities you can take part in. You can go rock climbing, see races at a dry lake bed, or start a meth lab. When I was growing up there, one of our favorite activities was hitting bats with pool skimmers.

Here are the steps so the next time you're visiting, lost, or have been kidnapped in the desert, you can do it too.

Items you'll need:
1. rocks
2. pool skimmer
3. sun setting
4. brother/friend
5. bats

Step 1: Collect rocks in your shirt basket(a shirt basket is when you lift the bottom of your shirt up past the navel to create a container).

Step 2: Ready your pool skimmer.

Step 3: Throw rocks 15 to 30 feet in the air.

Step 4: Bats will swoop down and try to eat the rocks because they think its a bug.

Step 5: Hit the bat with the pool skimmer.

Step 6: Give your partner a high-five.

Step 7: Repeat until your hearts content.


Dan said...

This is one fun blog!! I really enjoy your storytelling.

samacleod said...

This is my favorite post. I almost cried. I miss the desert. is that weird?

Erik Benson said...

Not weird at all. There is so much fun to be had in the desert!

Why Edward Juan? said...

poor bats!

Brandon said...

I still do the shirt basket. It's really good for legos:) My wife hates bats. This would be a fun activity for her.

Ryan Bullard said...

Awesome, your blog is always hilarious

maikaljj said...

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