Thursday, September 03, 2009


The other day I caught a movie review show on public access. I think they shoot it in Berkeley, I think the name is This Month at the Movies, and Im certain its the best movie critique you'll find on television.
The critics are two mothers who look like they shop in the yarn ball section at Michael's. One in her mid thirties who brought her notes on a folded piece of notebook paper, and the other is a grandmother who held a more professional blue index card.

I wrote down some of my favorite quotes from the show.

After watching a clip of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist:

Gladis- "I haven't seen the movie, but that looks cute, so maybe I'll see the rest."

On Transformers 2:
Beverly-" Its a big movie with loud explosions and I think Spielberg is the director, or at least he is involved somehow. You can take out all the sexual scenes and it would be much better"

After watching a clip of John Adams:

Gladis-"That looks good. I'm gonna have to get that at the library."

That was the point in the show where I realized Gladis hadn't seen any of the films they were reviewing. The blue index card made her look prepared, but it was all a ruse.

The point where the show's quilt really started to unravel was when they played a clip from a teenage dancing movie, and they cut back to Gladis who is saying how scared she is to eat hamburgers, and wonders if the cows in her neighborhood are being mistreated. At first I thought... well thats just Gladis, but then I realized she was reviewing a documentary about hamburger meat. She had actually watched a movie and was critiquing it on the show, but they didnt have the right movie clip, so I didn't know what the hell movie she was talking about. It was awesome.

My favorite quote in the show happened just when I thought I had figured Gladis out...

Gladis-"The Hangover was hilarious. I never laughed so hard."

I know I am making fun of the show, but in all actuality I really enjoyed how simple and positive their critiques were. " I like this movie." "It was funny." Im gonna get it on VHS." is much more fun to watch. You hear a lot of critics using flowery ten dollar words to show how perspicacious they really are, but I prefer this show and I will definitely watch again.

By the way Gladis and Beverly are not their actual names. I don't know their real names. Hopefully I will find out this month on a brand new This Month At The Movies!!!


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

always a treat. thanks.

Bralyollyoxenfree said...

reminds me of that one video on youtube of that pudgy dude going over which direct to home video animated movies he liked. It's things like these that help me to chill out. They're just movies, after all.

Bill Robinson said...

Hhahaha, this is great...I live in Berkeley, will have to look for this. Have you seen the show on public access here with the Nudists? I can't believe they are allowed to air it...

Team Diana said...

Sooooouuuper funny Erik :)

maikaljj said...

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