Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Hawaii is super nice! It was just how I pictured. On Saturday the weather was beautiful and sunny, I found this awesome cove with crashing waves and beautiful views so I proposed to Lindsay!

Here is how it happened:

Walking down the rocks I checked my pocket to make sure the ring was still there.

I was a bit nervous. I grabbed her hand and said my thoughts and heart feelings.
She realized what was happening.
I pulled out a ring pop.
We had a good laugh.
Then I got serious...

and pulled out the real one...
and asked her to marry me.
She said yes! And then this dolphin scooped us from the rocks and we rode him towards a beautiful ocean sunset.
Part of this story is fiction. I leave it to you to decide which part that is.


Calvin Tsang said...


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

this made me cry almost as much as Up

Team Diana said...

Yay Erik! I totally wanted you to do that and now you did it, yay!

Caveat Productions said...

Congratulations man! Being married is great.

Anonymous said...

ya E good job my friend, surprised there wasn't a cameo of your favorite coyote arriving with the ring on his back. lol Congrats my friend.

St├ęphane Kardos said...

After I proposed my wife, in Sweden, we rode a mussel toward a low heavy dark grey sky, on the rough Baltic Sea ... not as romantic.
Congratulations Erik! :)

SteveLambe said...

You hired a dolphin for your proposal? Posh!


Cat Hicks said...

Congrats Erik!!!

Jushtin Lee said...

Congratulations Erik!

Solomon said...

Congratulations!!!!!! A doplhin ride!!! Awesome!!! Exclamation Points!!!!

Nina said...

Congrats, Erik,

Artists are so lucky, you can draw everything out so vividly.

I bet the dolphin part was real, wasn't it? The rest was probably just imaginary, was it just you and the dolphin?

OMG, r u marrying the dolphin?

shiontakeuchi said...

erik!!! congratulations on the wonderful news!!!!! A+ for the location of Hawaii , too by the way. And the ring pop trick is a gem. Did you guys fight over who got to eat it afterwards? I bet you did.

Randeep Katari said...

What flavour was the ring pop? Congrats!


Chris Palmer said...

Congrats! That dolphin is so lucky.

Erik Benson said...

Thank you everyone!

Your rumor is no longer just a rumor!

You painted a majestic picture! Hilarious!

The dolphin did make a pass at me, but I knew Lindsay paid it off to test my loyalty to her. I didn't fall for it. In what world would a gorgeous dolphin ever go for a guy like me!

Cherry. When I bought it I thought if she doesn't eat it I totally would, but she did.

c'est moi Carrie said...

Wow Erik! I'm so happy for you!
A life of homedepot saturdays, cardigan sweaters, and iced tea awaits!
but seriously,

Sadie Figueroa said...

Congrats! your proposal was very sweet.

Tikko Studios said...

awesome! the whole family has seen it now hah

congrats again!

Christian Robinson said...

Oh my!
this is the most lovely post ever. Congrats to you and Lindsey both. You guys are the coolest pair. I'm so glad i got to sit next to you both at the UP premiere. Usually i find it annoying hanging out with couples. But no with you two, there is this awesome Joy, peace and freshness between you guys : )
Ok i'm getting too emotional here, possibly over sharing.

Munchanka said...

I hope the ring-pop isn't the fictional part, because that's classic. In fact, I'm stealing it whenever I propose.

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