Friday, April 10, 2009

Harmony of Composition

In an effort to make this more of an educational blog, I decided to analyze some compositions I found on the internet machine. Take a look at this first image. It is a good example of leading the eye...

Where does your eye go? The cute kittens, right? Anywhere your eye starts on the image, there is an element to lead it to the kittens. The contrast between the majestic white unicorn and the dark oranges and blacks of the playful calicos really
makes the middle of the piece the center of interest. 

The addition of kittens elevates this from a good composition to a dynamic one.

Next image...

Again the darkest part of the image, the bushes, frames the kittens head, which makes it the emphasis of the piece. Also the cat on the balcony, not as cute as the kitten in hand, but still very important to the composition. It breaks up the huge dark bushes and leads your eye like an arrow to the cuter one.

This next painting, although great, could be more dynamic with a well placed kitten.

Like this one...

or this haunting one....

I think in compositions we should all look to find where the unicorn needs the kitten, and vice versa. I have a note above my workspace that says "Does this unicorn compostion need a kitten?" to which I always reply "Yes, yes it does"


ZaR said...

Oh Erik! I expect to see more kittens in your compositions... too funny!

Jushtin Lee said...

hahahhahhahhahhhaaha!...this, Erik, is disgusting.

Team Diana said...

This is my favorite blog post that's ever been on the internet!!!

Thanks for pulling me out of my grumpy Monday mood :)

nobarshold said...

Hey Erik , your blog is hilarious man ! I was blog hopping and came across yours . Pixar must be awesome , hope to be there myself someday :)


michelle said...

I think I will apply that mantra to my line of work as some form or another. In the meantime, have you seen Kittens Inspired by Kittens?

Well here ya' go:

Christian Robinson said...

This post made my day, thanks for the good laugh!!!
sooo fricken funny : )

Mónica Miranda said...

This is hilarious! I had to write about it to my friends...great blog!

Anonymous said...

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