Monday, November 10, 2008


                                    "How bad is it?"

I once fell into a cactus bush. This drawing is no exaggeration, I nearly died.  I remember this situation happened not long after my sister had fallen into her own cactus bush. I did not heed that warning or the warning found in the theme song for Hey Dude. But these days I hear it loud and clear. "Watch out for those man-eating jack rabbits and that killer cacti, heeeeeyyy dude."


ZaR said...

Hahaha... poor Erik... awesome drawing!

brigette b said...

I dared my 4 year old sister to touch a cactus once. I told her it wouldn't hurt. Oh, what a lie! One hundred points to you for remembering the Hey Dude theme song!

Tatevik Avakyan said...

I'm sorry about your incident - the drawing is great ...very humorous:)

Gatsby said...

Rough stuff man. Rough stuff.

Team Diana said...


Mark Ingram said...
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Mark Ingram said...

Hey Erik it's Mark (from Sabrina's party). Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm surprised you were able to remember the name! Besides that I'm sure the military is developing a cacti bazooka as we speak. Anyway, keep up the good work and do me proud on TS3.

Why Edward Juan? said...

reminds me of the delgo movie trailer. I'm sorry, that was an insult. I take that back.

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