Sunday, August 17, 2008

Icarus in SPACE!

I have been watching a lot of science fiction lately. I watched the Alien series again, threw in some RobocopI, II, and The Abyss, A real smorgasbord of the future. I think they are all great and I think hollywood would be smart to do one mega crossover. Robocop, Alien, T1000, Neo, Ironman team up to fight Wolverine, Skywalker, E.T. , and Biff Tannen.... Wolverine would win.


ZaR said...

I would watch that... especially Icarus in space.

Vatz said...

My name is SEMI>_<
It's too late after you and Andrew gave me the blog name of youguys.
Do not forget the apointment between us.(the neck~ neck muffler!)
I am looking forward to see you again:D few days later!

wow~ Did you worked in Pixar? Great.
cause your art pieces are all great~!
Pixar maches your everything.
I am sure that's your dream company.

Vatz said...

One more~!
I love those very much! SF is my most favolite genre.
Annakin Skywalker..I love him. After watching E.T///I cried all day:(

Solomon said...

You didn't watch Prayer of the Rollerboys? That's my vision of the future.

Christian Robinson said...

I can dig it.

This illustration is pretty awesome, I love the texture, composition and lighting.
that's what i'm talkin bout...

jennifermlee said...


CONGRATS ON PIXAR! i pegged you right away when i first met you, that boy is going to pixar.. .and look at you now! im very very very happy for you. hope the experience is worthwhile and soak up all the awesomeness :)!

and ima visit you sometime lol


Mathew New! said...

Ha, the guy that played Biff is my room mate's second cousin! Maybe I could get his project rolling...