Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Faith the Wonder Dog

Wouldn't you feel pretty darn cool walking around the dog park with such an exceptional dog. I know I would. Normal dog activities like fetch and frisbee would be out of the question. I would want to do things like soccer and practice hip hop dance moves with my bipedal dog.


Adrian Molina said...

That's unvableevable!

christopher said...

Ha! Thats crazy, I'm from Oklahoma City and I met this dog one day at school. I think she was there as a pep talk of some sort. I got to pet her and everything! She is super sweet and unbelievably happy. I also had a three legged dog and it's amazing how they don't let it affect them at all.
Great blog by the way! I found it from Steve Macloud's.

Food and Drugs said...

This dog must be exhausted at the end of the day.
It is mythic!
thanks for sharing!